The Unique Flexibility of Our Green Wall as a Klimainsel at the BUGA 23 in Mannheim

Have you ever been to a botanical garden or flower exhibition and wished for a place to rest and cool off during hot weather? Our flexible green wall at the BUGA 23 in Mannheim is here to provide just that. As a Klimainsel, or climate island, it offers a respite from the heat and a unique experience for visitors to the BUGA 23.

What is BUGA 23?

Before we dive into the features of our green wall, let’s first explore what the BUGA 23 is. BUGA stands for Bundesgartenschau, which translates to Federal Garden Show. It is a biennial horticultural exhibition in Germany that showcases the latest trends in landscape design, horticulture, and environmental protection. The upcoming BUGA 23 in Mannheim will feature a wide range of flower and plant displays, along with various installations and exhibitions.

Features of Our Green Wall

Our green wall is a unique feature at the BUGA 23, offering more than just aesthetics. Due to its flexibility, we were able to use a variety of plants, creating a visually appealing and diverse living wall. Not only does it add to the beauty of the exhibition, but it also offers a cooling effect on hot days.

Our wall has been proven to provide cooling up to 12 degrees Celsius 1m away from the wall compared to a non-green wall. This is due to the evapotranspiration of the plants, which cools the surrounding air. The wall provides a restful spot for guests to sit and relax after walking around and viewing the various flower and plant displays at the BUGA 23.


Our flexible green wall as a Klimainsel at the BUGA 23 in Mannheim is a unique feature that provides not only a beautiful aesthetic but also a functional purpose. The big variety of plants used due to the wall’s flexibility, the cooling effect it provides, and its restful spot for guests are just a few of the features that make it stand out. If you’re visiting the BUGA 23, make sure to stop by our green wall and experience its unique benefits firsthand.

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