our new green wall at “Hauptschule Wildeshausen”

Flexibility, low water consumption, and high yield: these are just a few of the benefits of the new green wall at Hauptschule Wildeshausen. Measuring 5x8m and equipped with an automatic watering system, this wall is a prime example of what can be achieved when green design meets practical functionality.

One of the wall’s most remarkable features is its flexibility, which allows various fruits and vegetables to grow without issue. The wall is an excellent resource for the school community to learn about biology, nutrition, and the benefits of growing fresh produce. With strawberries, tomatoes, and numerous herbs among the many crops that can be grown, students and staff alike will be able to reap the rewards of this green wall.

strawberries growing in our wall in Oberhausen

Another advantage of this system is its low water consumption, requiring only 0.8 liters of water per square meter per day. This is achieved through the wall’s automatic watering system, which ensures that the plants receive the necessary amount of water without any waste.

However, there are challenges that come with implementing such a system. One of the most significant is the need for decision-makers in schools and cities to understand the benefits of green walls. By publishing more information about the positive effects of green walls on both the environment and the individuals in the space, we can overcome these challenges and bring more green walls to communities everywhere.

Furthermore, the wall has a cooling effect that is especially welcome on hot days. Evaporation from the plants and the wall itself provides a refreshing and natural source of cool air, which can be crucial in maintaining a comfortable indoor environment.

In addition to these benefits, the wall has potential to be implemented in more schools, providing even more students with the opportunity to learn about biology and nutrition while enjoying the positive effects of greenery. The automatic watering system was fitted into a small space, making it possible to create a green wall even in areas where space is at a premium.

In conclusion, the new green wall at Hauptschule Wildeshausen is an impressive achievement that demonstrates the power of green design. By incorporating flexibility, low water consumption, and high yield into a single system, the wall offers numerous benefits to the school community and beyond. With more education about green walls and their advantages, we can create more of these systems in communities around the world, providing sustainable and healthy environments for all.

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