Sustainable and green:

• Partition walls
• Facing walls and facades
• Vertical farming walls

Biolit – the green wall

Welcome to Biolit Vertical Green – your partner for vertical gardens and green walls! We are proud to offer you a sustainable solution for a healthier and greener environment.

The vertical greening system is constructed of individual planting stones. The planting stones are made of a specially developed mineral-based material that stores and transports liquid. The planting stones can be installed to form walls, with the supplied irrigation lines laid directly and protected in the wall. The irrigation system can be expanded into an intelligent system using various modules and sensors. Starting with simple timers that control the water supply, sensors for measuring air and soil moisture and others, up to a complete weather station, can also be integrated.

After the wall has been built up, the planting troughs are filled with substrate and then planted or sown with plant seeds (e.g. bee pasture seed mix). The substrate and plants used can be varied in many ways and adapted to the desired type of greening. The system can, for example, be walled up as a facing shell on e.g. garages, inserted via anchors to an existing facade or used as a green partition in the garden area. Small flexible modules allow a wide variety of design options. The walls can serve as a partition between terraced houses for sound insulation and for growing plants or as a vertical herb garden

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