Oxygen production and CO2 reduction

Improve air quality through oxygen production and CO2 sequestration, and clean air through nitrogen oxide reduction and particulate matter sequestration through mossing and planting.

Cooling zones

Biolit vertical green provides natural cooling through the evaporation of plants, creating pleasant cooling zones in urban environments. The system also reduces heat island effects and provides a pleasant climate in the city.

Sound reduction

Biolit vertical green can help reduce sound levels in urban areas by acting as a natural sound barrier. Our expert reports show that it can achieve a sound reduction of up to 52 dB in a shell-planted wall.

Rainwater retention

Biolit vertical green provides a stormwater retention benefit by retaining up to 80 l/m² of stormwater in a double-skin wall. As a result, it can relieve pressure on the public sewer system and reduce flooding.


Biolit vertical green offers the possibility to promote and maintain biodiversity in cities by creating a green environment in vertical form, thus creating habitats for animals and plants. These effects can be further enhanced by integrating insect hotels.

Freely scalable and flexible

Biolit Vertical Green offers free scalability and flexibility through a modular system that can be adapted to the needs and requirements of each project. This allows easy integration of vertical greenery into different architectural and landscape designs and ensures effective and flexible use of available space.

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